How It Works

Our campaigns are extremely effective and get results. We offer different levels of guaranteed visitor campaigns to boost your traffic.
How it works for subscribers
If you are looking for extra streams of income we offer leading affiliate programs. Members receive free instant access to a mailing, free onsite advertising, downloads and avertising directory. Click here to take a tour.
How it works for advertisers
Upon ordering we receive your campaign details via web form submission. We review your site to get a better understanding of the product or service you are offering. We edit a professional advert to prepare your campaign for marketing. 
1.  Choose a traffic campaign
Whether you are looking for 2,000 unique visitors through to 50,000 we have the package for you.
2.  Place your order – we need the following basic info
  •  Your name, so we know who we are dealing with.
  •  Your contact email address, to send you statistics details.
  •  Your PayPal email address, to confirm your order.
  •  The URL of the website you want traffic delivered to.
3. Your campaign is processed and activated within 24 hours
The URL that you provided is placed into an advertisement and published at partnered sites. Once your ad is published and submitted you'll receive a continuous flow of unique traffic until your campaign is complete.
Ordering process
We use PayPal as our ordering system for all payment processing. If you do not have a PayPal account no worries, just select option to pay with credit card. Once you have completed payment you are redirected to our campaign order form. Fill in your campaign details and click submit. We take it from here. We'll publish your campaign and send you the details before launch.
Campaign presentation
We create colorful HTML email ads with images and banners. Email ads contain your campaign link and banners. Members click your campaign link to view your offer. Visitors are shown your exit page upon leaving your campaign page.
Promote multiple sites
Campaigns of 20000 visitors or more allow multiple forms of advertising. Display a header and footer banner ad on your campaign, as well as directing exit traffic to your nominated site. You can add banners of any size to your campaign. Campaigns are published and placed in queue, pending until activated. Campaigns are activated within 24 hours.
Sit back and watch your traffic explode
Before campaigns are launched we send customers a link to view REAL TIME statistics LIVE online. You can watch a continuous flow of unique traffic until your campaign is complete.

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