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All orders placed through us are subject to the following policies.
Frequently asked questions

Can I submit site that break frames ?
  • NO. Absolutely not. Websites must remain in frames or we can not market your product or service. Websites need to stay in frames so we can monitor campaign activity. Otherwise there is no way of us knowing how many visitors are delivered.
What sort of results can I expect ?
  • Results depend on programs you have to offer and the amount of traffic ordered. For best results we recommend 20,000 or more visitors and programs that are fresh on the market. The more traffic means better results. The presentation of your site also plays in the way a visitor responds. If your site is great looking it will  appeal to the visitor.
What is included with my campaign ?
  • With orders of 10000 visitors or more customers can optimize their campaign disclosure. Customers can add 2 header and footer banners and exit page link to take advantage of outgoing traffic.
How will I know when my campaign begins and ends ?
  • Upon ordering we collect campaign details and set up your campaign. Once your campaign is set up we then email you to let you know your campaign is pending. Campaigns are activated normally within 24 upon ordering. You will receive a campaign statistics link via your PayPal and contact email addresses. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to check for stats email.
Where do the visitors come from ?
  • We have the capacity to reach a global audience. Readers delivered to your site come from mailing lists and membership sites. Visitors are delivered through full page ad campaigns displayed upon a link click.
How fast will I get my visitors ?
  • Sites receive up to one thousand visitors daily, depending on traffic flow and how many campaigns are in progress. We will strive to deliver the traffic as stated, however there is NO guarantee for exact delivery time completion.
Can I promote any type of website ?
  • NO. We do not allow adult content websites, web sites must be legal. Web sites should not contain harmful software, such as viruses, Trojans, worms or Mal ware. We will not send traffic to sites which promote hate, violence or illegal activities.
Do you offer country targeted advertising ?
  • YES. We can target specific markets by region or country. Keep in mind that targeting specific regions may result in campaigns running longer. Ex, targeting 2000 visitors in the USA will be accomplished faster than targeting 2000 visitors in Antarctica.
Why are your prices slightly more expensive ?
  • Our web traffic delivery is more expensive than competitors on the following basis; we handle your campaign from start to finish. We collect data about your product or service during check out. We review sites for exit windows, viruses, pop up prompts, frame breakers and any other web master tool that may cause glitches or failures within our operating system. We monitor the campaign right to completion, which includes monitoring traffic delivery. Our goal is to provide real traffic at the lowest cost to customers.
I ordered but didn't receive any details to check my statistics ?
  • After we receive orders campaigns are are set up and placed in a pending status. It is during this period of campaign 'pending' we send statistic information. All customers receive this information within 24 hours. This information is delivered to both your contact and payment email address.
YOU are RESPONSIBLE for checking your PayPal and contact email address for all our correspondence! If you do not receive your stats details after 24 hours please contact us.

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